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If you operate an existing business that is tired, worn-out, losing money or facing closure, we will work closely with you in evaluating every key aspect of your current operations in order to develop a detailed turn-around strategy that will transform your business into a viable and ongoing concern. Key areas where we can assist you include: –

  • Reviewing and analysing current trading operations;
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis of the surrounding/local business environment;
  • Determining an appropriate business value proposition and branding strategy;
  • Evaluating and identifying potential operating efficiencies and financial Improvements;
  • Reviewing existing food purchasing, delivery and storage standards;
  • Establishing cost control systems¬† relating to covering menu cost, acquisition cost, operating cost, suppliers, pilferage/wastage;
  • Reviewing staff management practices in areas including performance management systems, occupational health & safety standards; award compliance, rostering and scheduling; training and development; structures and roles;
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